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Hi, welcome to my best cookware reviews blog. I’m Connie. There are so many types of cookware and cookware sets in the market nowadays that we consumers are often spoiled for choices. The main purpose that I write this blog is to help you choose the right cookware. Whether you are buying cookware for the first time or trying to find better cookware to replace old ones, I have recommendations for you.

Cookware Reviews

How To Choose Your Best Cookware

The first thing to do when buying cookware is to choose the material of the cookware. This is an important step that will eliminate a bulk of choices and narrow you down to several good options. Here I have explained briefly about the features, pros and cons about each material, so that you can find the best pots and pans to buy.

Stainless steel cookware – Durable and long lasting. Can go in the dishwasher, but it heats up slowly and is therefore less energy-efficient. Food tends to stick if the pan is not heated up first. Stainless steel cookware are affordable and commonly used in households. Stainless steel cookware
Hard anodized aluminum cookware – Generally inexpensive and heats up quickly! It is lighter too, but stains easily and is not dishwasher-safe. Avoid the thin-gauge aluminum since it’s prone to denting and warping. Enamel-coated aluminum, typically found in low-end lines, can chip easily. Hard anodized cookware
Copper cookware – Copper tends to heat and cool quickly and efficiently, so they are used by professionals who want precise temperature control. It’s heavy, durable, and generally expensive. Because copper reacts to acidity in food, the pots are often lined with stainless steel or tin. Copper cookware
Cast iron cookware – Cast iron is the all-time classic. Strong, heavy and durable. Will last a lifetime and inexpensive too! Heats evenly and adds iron to the food. However, iron can rust so frequent seasoning with oil is needed. Cast iron cookware
Nonstick cookware – Coated with teflon so that the food will not stick to the pans. Very easy to clean up but needs to be used with plastic or wooden utensils, otherwise will scratch and wear off easily. Non stick cookware
Glass cookware – Dishwasher safe, attractive and versatile. You can use the same pan to keep food in the freezer, then cook it on the stove, in the oven, broiler or microwave, and serve it on the table. However, glass cookware is usually heavy, may chip or break, and cooks unevenly.
Ceramic cookware – Ceramic cookware is beautiful and dishwasher safe. It is also versatile like glass cookware, and just as heavy. Ceramic cookware often come with a glazed surface that may contain lead or cadmium, so make sure the amount of lead is within safety standards before you buy.
Stone cookware – Stone cookware is heavy and durable, resistant to scratch and is safe for cooking. Food does not stick so stone skillets are great for frying. However, they may look out of place in a modern kitchen.
Porcelain cookware – Porcelain or enameled cookware are easy to maintain and they’re tough. But they are the most expensive of all cookware and the coating can chip. Porcelain cookware

What is the Best Cookware Set?

If I wanted top of the line cookware, I would definitely go for porcelain or copper cookware. For the second best, I’d settle for stainless steel. Stainless steel is the most popular material so I have many stainless steel cookware reviews, do check them out. If I truly have a tight budget, then hard anodized cookware or cast iron cookware is what I’d be looking for.

I wouldn’t buy a whole set of non stick, because they really don’t last and are not suitable for browning, braising and stir-frying. I only recommend buying a non-stick frying pan just for cooking eggs, even though there is some controversy about health risk using teflon coated cookware.

Anyway, if you’re looking for a stick-resistant frying pan (skillet) but want to avoid Teflon, cast iron cookware is a great alternative (only if you care to maintain it). If you like to know more about the advantage and disadvantage of using non-stick and uncoated cookware, you can find out more over here.

Best Cookware Reviews

Once you have determined what type of material for your cookware to be, check out my recommendations below for home cookware. The best cookware set in my mind is a reasonably priced stainless steel cookware set with one or two non-stick frying pans, but yours could be entirely different. Go ahead and read my cookware set reviews.

Isn’t this an easy way to choose your best cookware? I will write more cookware reviews in my blog posts when there are new updates.

Best Cookware Brands

Here are my best cookware brands reviews. Some of the top brands are All Clad, Rachael Ray, Calphalon and Lodge. Check out these recommendations!

Cookware Maintenance Guide

Having a good cookware set doesn’t mean that you don’t have to do anything to keep it in good condition. Make sure you take steps to care for your cookware set so that they will serve you longer and continue to be the best cookware you ever used! Here are some tips to care for different types of cookware:

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